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Dr Greg Venning

BChiroSc, MChiro.

Dr Greg Venning is an author, Chiropractor and ABC™ Instructor and he is not like other doctors. He is interested in creating health, not treating disease. From babies and children to full time mums and from office athletes to elite sportsmen, Dr Greg has helped them reach greater levels of wellbeing. Human potential and personal performance are Dr Greg’s driving passions – he believes you were born to be brilliant. By reconnecting with your innate potential, you can transform your life.

The deeper power of Chiropractic lies in reconnection. Our ability to help people to lead bigger lives beyond relieving pain, depends on our ability to partner with them on this journey. In this presentation, Dr Greg Venning will discuss the three levels of disconnection people face and how ABC™ allows us to dance with the people we serve as we help them reconnect.