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Dr Mark Postles

During over 40 years of practice Mark has provided untold thousands of people with high quality wellness oriented care. He has operated a number of successful practices throughout Australia, inspiring many associates and team members in his vision.

Currently, as well as being a highly inspirational practice coach and mentor to chiropractors worldwide, Mark is actively in practice in Queensland where he and 6 associates run a busy family wellness practice.

For Mark, ABCTM  has been the ‘missing link’ in delivering on the promises of chiropractic. He is an avid supporter of the technical excellence that ABC brings to our profession and is committed to having more chiropractors using it.

He is also aware that a great process like ABCTM  doesn’t directly translate into having a great practice. The missing link is in the way you communicate why, what and how you are doing what you are doing to your team, patients and practice members.

Mark’s profound curiosity for human beings and how they tick has led him to develop the in8modelR, an instrument of understanding of how people do the behaviours that they do and get the results that they get. The more you know about how a person understands the world the more you will be able to communicate meaningfully with them. This equates to more success in all areas of your life and business.

Hear some insights from one of the industry’s great chiropractors and great businessman, when Mark is interviewed on opening night of this year’s Convention.