Tamucci, Ali & Joe, Jesse

Jesse Jutkowitz

Jesse Jutkowitz is the lead researcher of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and founder of the Institute for Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Jesse ‘s path to the discoveries and the creation of Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) started with his education and practice of Chiropractic — which is basically manipulation of body parts to realign the structure.  His frustration with the inconsistent effects in all types of bodywork compelled him to research the root cause of structural healthcare problems in the early 1980s.

From the findings of his research, which he terms a combination of luck, circumstance and dogged persistence, Jesse discovered the basis of structural problems. It is simpler than anyone seems to believe.  From that he discovered why manipulation works when it works, does not work when it does not and how it hurts people when it does. From that discovery, Jesse developed the method of body structure correction he calls ABC™ that consistently and predictably gets the results promised with other forms of manipulation but that other methods only accomplish inconsistently and unpredictably.

Jesse stopped practicing as a Chiropractor in 1999 to devote himself full-time to teaching the methods of ABC™.   ABC™ is now taught worldwide. Thousands of practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds have learned ABC™, have discovered that it really does do everything claimed for manipulation on a consistent and predictable basis and regularly use it to help others.

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